LaVonte Dell thought he was in for a nasty fine when he was pulled over for having tinted windows. 


But it turned out to be one of the most uplifting days of his life.


After doing what he had to do about the window situation, Officer Joshua Scaglione started to walk away, when he noticed La Vonte’s little girl in the back seat.



She wasn’t in a car seat.


“He asked me to get out and speak with him,” La Vonte wrote.


“He asked why didn’t she have one and I told him all I been thru this year like I barely making it because of these garnishments and I really don’t like asking people for (stuff).”


What happened next stunned LaVonte.



“Do you know this white police officer told me to follow him to Walmart on Ford road and he purchased my daughter a car seat with his own money.”


The gesture touched LaVonte’s heart, who said that: “if you would have seen us in Walmart u would have thought we were best friends. It was like night and day.”


Suffice to say he learned something important today, and not just about the importance of car seats.


“Never judge a book by its cover it’s most def is some good guys left. I told him I never met a officer like u.”


You can read LaVonte’s full post below.



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