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Find out what activities are best for your preschoolers development, and just for fun!

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When can my child start music lessons?

Different ways to encourage your child to be musical and reap the benefits of playing an instrument
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Cheap fun with my toddler: what are my options?

You don’t have to spend a small fortune to make your toddler happy. There are so many things that your child will delight in that are low-cost or free.
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New baby: what gift can I give my older child when the new baby comes home?

Gifts are a great way to reassure your older child that they are still special and loved when a new baby is brought home. Here are some suggestions your child will love!
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What kinds of gifts are good for a 2-year-old?

Great suggestions for buying the perfect age appropriate present for a 2 year old
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When can we start taking our child to the cinema?

Tips for taking your child to the cinema
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How and when can I teach my toddler to read?

Reading to your child and pointing out letters and words is a great way to prepare your child for learning to read
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How much should I let my toddler watch TV?

How to ensure that your toddler is watching age appropriate TV in healthy doses
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