Deal with sleep problems and take proactive measures to ensure that your child – and you – get enough sleep, and at the right times.

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Will my child sleep better if I put her to bed later or stop letting her nap?

The best way for your child to sleep well is to develop a daily routine
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If my toddler is taking long daytime naps but not sleeping well at night what should I do?

If you can’t get your toddler to sleep through the night then it may be necessary to adjust his or her nap times during the day
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What is the proper nap schedule from age 12 to 24 months?

Different children nap for different lengths of time at different times of the day but the most important factor is daily routine and consistency
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My toddler isn't sleeping - what could be wrong?

There are many reasons you’re toddler may not be sleeping but also many simple solutions for this frustrating problem
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My toddler is climbing out of her crib. Is it time for a bed?

When and how to make the transition from crib to bed
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Is it okay to use a nightlight in my child's room?

Benefits of having the right lighting in your little one’s room at bedtime
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How much sleep does my child need?

A guideline to knowing how much sleep your child needs and ensuring he or she is well rested
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