Find out how to handle inappropriate behaviour in your toddler.

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How can I encourage my toddler to brush her teeth?

Avoid a battle by making tooth brushing a fun activity, not a chore.
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How do I give my child a lot without spoiling her?

A parent wants their child to have everything because they love them. But showing your love without spoiling your child rotten is difficult at best.
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Does sugar make children hyperactive?

Most people believe that sugar is the main cause of hyperactivity in children
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Spanking and discipline the old fashioned way ... does it work?

Most parents will resort to using threats to discipline their children. This tactic is not effective and does not each your child anything.
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My two year old says “No” to everything. How can I stop this?

A two year old has a limited vocabulary and too often, the word “no” is one of their favourite words.
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