Find out how your child should be developing and the key developmental milestones to look out for.

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New baby: how can I prepare my toddler for our new arrival?

Most toddlers experience uncertainty and resentment when a new baby arrives. With a lot of patience and love, you can get around it.
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Our little one is in preschool. Is this a good time to get a family dog?

There is no right or wrong age to get a family dog; however, you should be mindful of your situation before you rush into things. 
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It seems as though my child’s motor skills are regressing. What could be causing this, and what can I do?

Serious risks and medical conditions associated with regression of a child’s motor skills
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My toddler is drooling and having trouble eating. Should I worry?

Drooling and difficulty eating can be associated with normal toddler behaviour, illness or sensory processes.
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When does separation and independence occur in a child?

Up to the age of three, your toddler will be over separation anxiety. However, as there are so many separations in the years of growing up – pre-school, a few days away at camp, and even your child’s first year at college, bouts of separation anxiety could very well occur from time to time all through your child’s life.
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How can I ensure that my toddler’s motor development is on track?

As long as your toddler has plenty of space and time to play, and practice all their new physical skills, they’re probably doing just fine with her development!
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How can I make sure that my child stays curious and interested in the world around him?

Toddlers are naturally curious about everything. Instead of stifling that curiosity, you should be making every effort to promote it!
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