Helping your little one let go of their dummy

We’ve all been there. Trying to get our little one to give up their dummy is no easy task. From bribery to cutting it off cold turkey, we’ve tried every trick in the book to make them forget about their pacifier. 

It’s often easier to give in and let them keep it for bedtime or long car journeys but there comes a time when children should find other ways to soothe themselves and let go of their dummy.

Since we’ve had our fair share of experience with figuring out the best ways to get our children to ditch their dummies, we’ve decided to make a list of the successful ways that worked. Yes, there may be some tears and tantrums but it’ll be worth it in the long-run to bid that pacifier goodbye. 

Slowly but surely

Going cold turkey is not easy and is sure to lead to unnecessary upset. Try only giving them their dummy in the car or going to bed. If they ask for it during the day, stick to your guns and tell them they can only use it at certain times. Slowly reduce their use until they don’t even notice they’re not using it anymore.


Some parents like taking a different approach to dummy use. For example, some mums snip the tops off the dummies so they are no longer soothing for their child.

Replace it

Since dummies are used for comfort and soothing, your little one might feel a bit lost without it so try to replace it with a new comfort. A blanket or teddy should do the trick.

Out of site, out of mind

Don’t keep dummies in your child’s line of sight or else they will constantly be reminded that they miss them and will keep asking for them. Pack them away somewhere high up and only give it to them as often as you want to until you want to completely stop.

Get creative

Depending on how old your child is, they might appreciate a story about where their dummy is going and will feel more willing to give it up if a treat is involved. Maybe the Easter Bunny will leave an extra egg if they leave their dummies for him to take or tell your tot the fairies need all the dummies to fly in exchange of some glitter or stickers. 

Growing up

It always helps to tell little ones that they’re a big girl or big boy now so they feel like they're achieving something by not using a dummy anymore. Depending on their age, tell them big children in playschool don’t use dummies because they’re for babies and that they can’t keep having a pacifier in their mouth if they want to talk.