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Does the eye examination hurt?
An eye examination doesn't hurt and is even designed to be fun for younger children.
How often should my child’s eyes be checked?
Regular eye exams are essential in order to monitor your child's eyesight.
What kind of glasses should my child wear?
Selecting the right pair of glasses for your child is important as they need to be durable but your...
How can I tell if my child is colour-blind?
Colour-blindness is a condition where certain colours can't be distinguished. It is usually...
How can I help my child develop good eyesight?
There are lots of activities that will help your child develop good eyesight.
What does a comprehensive eye exam involve?
A comprehensive eye exam will check visual acuity and how the eyes are aligned.
Can children have their eyes tested if they can’t read?
Your young child can have their eyes tested even if they can't read
What are the most common eye problems in children?
The most common vision problems in children are refractive errors.
Should my child wear sunglasses?
Children's eyes are sensitive so it is vital to protect them from the sun's harmful rays....
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