5 books to read to your toddler to prepare them for the arrival of their sibling

When you’re expecting your second child, it’s wonderful to daydream about how your firstborn will adapt to being an older sibling. Your little one is about to have a new best friend, ready to go on adventures with them.

However, at a toddler’s age, it can be difficult to understand that the spotlight will no longer solely be on them. So, in some instances, your firstborn might feel apprehensive (or even disinterested) at the thought of gaining a baby brother or sister.

If you are currently going through this phase with your first child, don’t panic! These feelings are completely normal, and you are bound to have some teething problems as your family adjusts to your new addition.

With that being said, if you are feeling anxious about how your oldest child is going to react once their sibling arrives, then we’re here to help! 

There are many tools that you can use to get your child adjusted to the idea of a new bundle of joy. One of our favourite methods is children’s books - not only are they easy to slot into your daily routine, but they are also specially designed to make your family’s transition as smooth as possible.

Below, we have picked out five popular children’s books, all of which are focused on gaining a sibling. Hopefully, as your child discovers these stories, they will come to look forward to the day that their new best friend arrives:

There’s A House Inside My Mummy by Giles Andreae

This is such a sweet little book, and it will be sure to ease any anxieties or frustrations that your toddler might have ahead of baby’s arrival. As the story goes: “There's a house inside my mummy, where my little brother grows. Or maybe it's my little sister, no one really knows.” How cute!

Waiting For Baby by Rachel Fuller

This lovely story deals with the milestones that come with pregnancy, as the family pull together to get everything ready for their new bundle of joy. From clothes and toys to a new place to sleep, this book will help your little one to understand that there are lots of preparations to finish - and it might even give your toddler an interest to get involved, too!

My New Sibling by Tom Easton

This tale follows a little boy as he wraps his head around the idea of gaining a brother or sister. From wondering if his sibling will steal all his toys, to the lengthy wait for the baby to arrive, this sweet book covers all the questions that your toddler might have ahead of baby’s birth.

Billy Bear and the New Baby by Miriam Moss

When Billy Bear finds out that he is going to get a new sibling, he isn’t exactly thrilled by the news. Babies cry all the time, and he doesn’t want anyone to steal his toys. However, when he begins to learn all the wonderful things about having a baby brother or sister, Billy Bear starts to wonder if a new addition wouldn’t be so bad after all. This is such a charming book, and your toddler will almost certainly love it!

You Were The First by Patricia McLachlan

Last but not least, although there is an exciting new addition on the way, it’s important to remind your firstborn that they will always be just that - your very first child. This heartwarming book takes your toddler through a sentimental journey of their own baby days, as well as reminding them that they will always be loved, regardless of any siblings that they gain.