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Does sugar make children hyperactive?

Most people believe that sugar is the main cause of hyperactivity in children. Take note that both ADHD or hyperactivity and sugar are often a mixed press, and you should know that it also has its ups and downs. Sometimes, behavioural changes can help reduce the hyperactivity in children and it may not have something to do with sugar.
What you should be worried of is the bad effects of too much sugar in your child's body. Aside from hyperactivity which is believed to be due to sugar, too much sugar intake can also cause mood swings and a spike in your child's blood sugar levels. Too much sugar can also lead to obesity and diabetes. If you think sugar is causing your child's hyperactivity, you may choose to cut down sugar intake on his diet.
When it comes to his diet, do not serve sugary foods at the table as he may be tempted to eat it. Instead of sugar, you can give your child honey instead. This can be a good sweetener without negative effects. Remember that when it comes to your child's behaviour and health, especially when you feel like the foods he is eating has something to do with it, make sure to watch is diet and ask for recommendations from your doctor.

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