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What positive discipline measures can I use with my toddler?

When your toddler does something wrong that requires you to take action, do not get angry and chastise them. Use the opportunity instead to guide them to do something more positive, instead of just avoiding carrying out the negative action. This approach will gain respect from your toddler for and for others.

These are examples of other 'positive' actions to use for discipline:

Lead by example. Children will learn from your actions and imitate how you interact with others. Be polite and respectful to others in their company and they will adopt the same behaviour.
Don't shout at your child when telling them what to do. Speak respectfully and maintain eye contact.

Tell them to do things you want them to do, instead of those things you want them to avoid doing.
Keep your rules short and simple. Stick to the most important rules that affect their health and safety. Keep expensive or delicate items out of their reach, instead of adding them to a “don't touch” list.

Always recognise positive behaviour and praise them for it.

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