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When can my child start music lessons?

It’s said that music can soothe the savage beast; music lessons can increase a child’s brain power.

Children who start taking music lessons early on will develop a love of music that will last their entire lives. Introducing your child to music through a music appreciation class or through music lessons can be done as early as age 3; however, most parents and music teachers agree that age 5 is more appropriate.

Piano is a good instrument to start your child off on. Instruments like the guitar or the violin are difficult for smaller children to grasp.

If your child is not ready to start music lessons, but you still want to get them involved in music, a good alternative is an early music program that teaches younger children about how music is made and how instruments sound. This type of program allows a child to develop a love of music. Many communities have these types of programs available. You may want to check with your local library.

Regardless of what type of musical instrument you choose, or whether you decide to start music lessons or put your child in a music appreciation class, the most important thing is that they enjoy it.

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