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What kinds of toys are good for 18 to 24 months?

The 18 to 24 month old toddler is independent and curious and, at this age your toddler wants to get into everything. They are exploring their world and want to know how it all works. The best toys for this age group are toys that give your child the opportunity to be creative and mimic the grown-up world around her.

Here are a few favourites:
Puzzles – toddler puzzles will give your child a sense of accomplishment. The puzzles that have only a few small large pieces are best for this age.

Musical toys – toddlers delight in creating sound and musical instruments spark creativity.

Washable crayons and markers – at this age, your toddler will undoubtedly want to “decorate” your walls, so make sure that the crayons, marker, and paint are washable.

Toy kitchens – these are a fantastic way for your toddler to mimic adults and you will enjoy watching her pretend.

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