Be prepared! The ultimate comprehensive guide on how to child-proof your home

Baby-proofing can seem like an overwhelming task – and honestly, it kind of is! Everywhere we look, we see potential disasters in our homes, and we all know, that anything our child can reach will be touched, placed in your baby’s mouth, thrown, kicked around or poked at.

Once they’re on the go, there’s simply no stopping them, so it’s important to be prepared and start ticking all this off before they get on the move. A baby-proofing checklist will allow you to collect the supplies needed and go room-by-room to cut off all potentially dangerous risks to your child.

Full Length of Boy Sitting on Floor

We have a fairly comprehensive checklist here, but it never hurts to get down on the ground so that you can view the room from a child’s level and see what attracts your eyes - electrical outlets, blind cords, and furniture that needs to be bolted down – even if it seems an unlikely culprit, it has potential to be dangerous.  Lock away any colourful harmful things, like chemicals, toxins, cleaners or liquids that would be harmful if played with or swallowed.

Check out our list to be sure you’ve ticked off everything you need for your peace of mind!


A Child Baking In The Kitchen

Cabinet locks

Corner guards for sharp edges

Take all sharp objects off the counters

Drawer locks

Secure furniture not fixed to the wall

Keep household cleaners, medicines and chemicals up high and out of reach

Oven latch

Buy bins with childproof lids

Oven knob covers

Smoke detectors

Sitting room

Girl Playing In The Living Room

Socket covers

Keep couches and stools away from balconies and split levels

Power strip covers

Check for toxic plants

Install screens over the hearth pr fireplace

Pack away valuables

Cord shorteners for blinds and curtains

Secure the TV

Window locks


Safety gates for off-limits rooms and stairs

Put non-slip pads under all rugs

Keep your stairs well-lit

Get rid of trip hazards

Make sure bannisters are no more than 6.5cm wide and secure.


girl in bathtub tasting water from black faucet

Non-slip bath mat

Toilet lock

Keep medicines up high and locked away

Keep shampoos, toiletries and particularly razors, out of reach

Install the baby bath seat


Baby In Blue Blanket

Carbon monoxide alarms

Get ride of crib bumpers and pillows from baby’s crib

Keep baby monitors and wires away from crib

Use door jammers to stop little fingers getting caught

Get radiator covers

Don’t hang toys or objects off the side of the crib


Take an infant first aid course

Have a professional install your carseat