You’d think that a toddler is a bit young for a drugs’ talk. But this mum reckons the sooner she starts, the better.


January Jones uploaded a video of herself reading a very different storybook to her little girl. Entitled ‘It’s Just a Plant’, it’s designed to teach youngsters all about the supposed benefits of cannabis.


The Beverly Hills mum says she’s open about her use of cannabis and uses the book, by Ricardo Cortes, to educate her daughter about the drug.


And she claims it makes her a better parent.


“With my early onset arthritis, I wouldn’t even be able to pick up my daughter without taking cannabis,” she said.



January is seen taking a huge hit from a bong outside her home in California, before adding: “Smoking cannabis helps me be a better mother. It makes me a more creative mum, a more relaxed mother.”


The shocking and provocative video focuses on a group of mothers in Beverley Hills who call themselves the Moms of Marijuana.


In the footage, they discuss their use of cannabis for medical reasons.


Mum-of-two Cheryl Shuman, executive director of Moms of Marijuana, is seen hosting a weed-laced dinner party for her friends.


The event is dubbed “Come Dine with Cannabis”.



Among the items on the menu are cannabis-infused chicken piccata, mashed potato with cannabutter and a weed-infused salad.


Cheryl, who she began taking the drug when she was diagnosed with cancer, hosts the parties at her Downtown Beverly Hills home.


Referring to her cannabis use, she says: “It does make me a better mom. I’m calmer, I’m more rational, I’m not angry.”


She adds: “I would like to see it as normal as walking into a Starbucks.”


The women in the video say they suffer from medical conditions, such as arthritis, which allow them to buy and use cannabis legally.


In the upmarket area of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, the drug is allowed for medical reasons.


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