Working Smoke Alarms:
  • Test them once a week
  • Replace batteries when required
  • Make a fire escape plan and practice it often
Smoke-Free Home and Car
  • It is very important that no one smokes around your baby
  • You can reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (Cot Death) by making your home and car smoke-free zones.
Car Seat
You probably have a car seat for your child, but make sure:
  • It’s correct for their height and weight
  • It’s fitted correctly
  • Your child is always securely strapped into their seat
Always guard open fires and heaters with:
  • A fireguard
  • A sparkguard
  • Secure fireguard to wall
  • Never place anything on fireguard or sparkguard
Stair Gates:
  • Always use stair gates at top and bottom of stairs
  • Always ensure they are secured correctly
Socket Guards
  • Switch off and plug out electrical equipment when not in use
  • Always use socket guard in sockets that are not being used
Window Safety
  • Secure all windows with window restrictors that don’t require tools for opening
  • Avoid placing furniture near windows
  • Do not use blinds or curtains that have cords as they are a serious strangulation risk to children
  • If you have already fitted blinds and curtains with cords, make sure they are well out of reach and sight of children
Cupboard Safety Locks
  • Use safety locks on cupboards
  • Store cleaning products on the top shelf of cupboards
  • Keep cleaning products in the original child resistant containers
Short Flexes
  • Use short flex for kettle if possible
  • Keep all electrical items out of reach of children
  • Keep flexes out of reach of children
Medicine Cabinet
  • Keep all medicines in their original child resistant containers
  • Lock away all medicines in a medicine cabinet or in a locked press
  • Return old or unused medicines to your pharmacy
First Aid Kit
  • Have a First Aid Kit in your home
  • Keep it out of reach and sight of children
  • Your kit should contain:
  1. Scissors
  2. Bandages
  3. Plasters
  4. Absorbent pad
  5. Tape
  6. Antiseptic or antiseptic wipes
  7. Burn gel