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How do I keep looking good when pregnant?

You’ll need some key pieces to start with – now don’t be mistaken, these won’t necessarily mean that’s all you need - remember your normal wardrobe has more than a few key items for your year - but these will form the basis of what you will be wearing over the next nine months, and if you buy just a few items at the beginning you’ll soon learn what you enjoy wearing and what to buy more of as the weeks go by:
  • Accessories – no matter how your body changes, accessories still work. From shoes, to bags, jewellery to head scarves, nail varnish to a day at the salon, a new hairstyle and make up – you can still look fantastic regardless of your shape. And everything will still be relevant, after you’ve had the baby. Accessorizing in your own way is your new best friend. It’s also a great way to keep attention away in the early days.
  • The bump – show it? Disguise it? There are two very definite camps out there, those who will flaunt the gorgeousness of pregnancy at every opportunity, and those who want to dress around it. And there are clothes out there to suit both. Most importantly though is to embrace your pregnant body – this is a special time. 
  • Jeans – you can still wear jeans when you are pregnant. In the early days, you will probably still fit in your own, and as they get tighter, you can add a length of stretch material through the button hole and button – this will give you a bit more time. When the normal jeans no longer fit, there are plenty of styles out there, which include the belly band or just expandable sides and rears – there’s no reason if jeans are your thing, that you can’t find a pair to suit you.
  • The same rules apply to your work trousers – there is a pair out there to suit your style, and coupled with a flowing or swing blouse will complete the work outfit perfectly.
  • Jackets – you may find you can still wear your normal jackets, cardigans and coats – so for as long as it lasts, keep that going, as you can always wear them open.
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