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Is losing weight in pregnancy normal?

Losing weight during the first trimester, when you’re creating a baby, may seem a bit troublesome. It's likely nothing to be overly concerned about. Morning sickness with the accompanying loss of appetite can cause the loss of a few pounds in the first few weeks. You will make up for this loss in the upcoming months. Most women will only gain between two and five pounds in the first trimester.

Nevertheless, you probably should take some action to ensure you and your baby get the necessary nutrients. The best course of action is to take prenatal vitamins. You may want to try one with a low dose of iron, but this may make nausea worse in the beginning. And, try to eat whenever your nausea will allow it.  An empty stomach can trigger nausea, as can low blood sugar, so eat before you are hungry and always keep snacks handy. Cutting down on the stress and getting a little extra sleep will work wonders for the appetite.

Try ginger for an alternative stomach remedy; ginger ale, ginger candies, ginger beef with mangetout…whatever your taste buds crave. Ginger has a long history of settling stomachs. If you simply can’t keep anything down, or continue to lose weight, talk to your doctor.
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