Instilling a love of books in our kids is one of the most wonderful gifts we can give them – not only does it last a lifetime, but the benefits are numerous and wonderful.


From developing critical thinking and vocab to opening their minds and exercising the brain, reading is something that every child should be given an opportunity to do.


And what better to encourage it than with a pretty awesome book:  


1. I'll Love You Always by Mark Sperring


Every child wants to know that their parents' love will never stop - exactly the point Mark makes in this delightful picture book. Within this beautiful declaration of love, Little Mouse learns to understand that love doesn't just last for one second or one hour, it reaches far, far beyond. A soft, soothing book, this one is perfect for snuggling up at bedtime. Click here to buy. 



2. As Nice As Pie by Gary Sheppard 


Being greedy and demanding doesn't get you anywhere as Gary Sheppard shows in his book, As Nice As Pie. In fact, what it does do - as theses birds find out - is simply get you knee deep in gravy and pastry. Mavis loves cooking and sharing, but she doesn't like demanding birds who are constantly asking her for more food. Not happy with the greedy birds who are clearly taking advantage of her generosity, Mavis decides to cook up a plan to not only make them become 'as nice as pie' nicer but also to help her fulfil a dream. Click here to buy. 



3. Stone Underpants by Rebecca Lisle


If your little one is forever questioning the need for underpants, then this is the book for them. Living back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, poor little Pod is freezing because he doesn't have any underpants to wear...  Not able to cope anymore, he decides to go about making his very own - but it is not as easy at it seems. From rocks to leaves and feathers, Pod really struggles to find the perfect material - until he meets a woolly mammoth that is. A fun, lovable book kids will love listening to it at bedtime. Click here to buy.



4. There's Broccoli in my Ice Cream by Emily MacKenzie 


Got a fussy eater at home who refuses to eat their veggies? Well, imagine what they would do if you put broccoli in their ice cream... Looking for some inspo to help encourage them to eat more good stuff? You definitely need to give Emily MacKenzie's picture book a try. Despite being the youngest in a long line of greengrocers and gardeners, Granville does not like fruit or vegetables. He much prefers chocolate and sweets - like most of us! So in order to encourage their son to eat better, his family come up with a brilliant plan, only Granville has his own plan that will surprise everyone. Click here to buy. 



5. A Beginner's Guide to Bear Spotting by Michelle Robinson and David Roberts


Now this one is perfect for bear-fanatics (or even animal-lovers) - and is an essential for any bear-spotting trips that your youngster is planning. Not only will this guide teach you the difference between black and brown bears, it also tells you what you should do if you ever bump into one... FYI: play dead if it's a brown one and back away - slowly - if it's black. Beautifully written, your child will definitely learn a thing or two. Click here to buy.