While not frequently used in this country due to our unpredictable weather, BBQs are a great way to get outdoors and spend time with family and friends.


However, while they bring people together, they can also be extremely dangerous and it is important you are extra careful when you have toddlers running around while you are cooking.


To ensure your day stays safe and fun, here are some tips to keep your children safe:


1. Draw a 4ft kid-free zone box around the BBQ

Before you turn the grill on, draw a 4ft box around your BBQ letting your kids know that they must never cross the line. While you can never be 100% sure they won’t step over it, actually seeing a border will help them know where they can and can’t go.


2. Never leave it unattended

It is important you never leave your barbeque unattended, even if there are no children in the garden at the time. It only takes a second for them to put their hand on the hot coal or start messing with the gas canister, so ensure it is supervised by a responsible adult at all times.


3. Place cooking utensils out of their reach

Just like you would while cooking in the kitchen, it is vital you keep all cooking utensils out of the reach of children. Tongs, forks and pokers not only get incredibly hot, they can also cause serious harm if a child starts to mess with them.



4. Set it up away from play things

If you have a stand-alone BBQ make sure you set it up away from swings, sand pits or any toys that you know the kids will want to play with.


5. Block the area off with benches

If your garden is very open or small you can create a barrier around the grill using benches or chairs. This will also ensure your kids will be able to hear you without you needing to leave the grill or them needing to come near you.


6. Check the area where you plan on putting the grill

Before you decide on a location for your BBQ make sure the ground is steady, that there are no over-hanging trees, there is plenty of space around the grill and that you aren’t ‘trapped’ behind it.