Taking young children out to crowded places can be a little overwhelming - with so many people around the chances of them running off and going missing are significantly increased.


However, this doesn't mean you should miss out on fun days, so long as you are careful and safe. 


To keep your little one safe while attending a parade or crowded event, bear the following seven things in mind. 


1. Write your contact number on their arm and clothes

The more places you write your own name and contact number on your child, the easier it will be to find should your tot go missing. You should always write it on their jacket and jumper in permanent marker, and on their arm or hand in pen.


2. Have a meeting point

While you may think that they are too young to understand what a meeting location is, you should ALWAYS show them where to go if they do get lost. This way you can run to check there first is they wander off.



3. Dress them in bright colours

If your child is wearing the same colours as everyone else in the crowd (like green) they will be really hard to spot. To stop this, dress them in a bright hat and coat so that you can see them from far away.


4. Pop them in a buggy or carrier

If you can pop your toddler into a back carrier, this will save you having to bring the buggy and you will always know where they are. If you aren’t able to manage this, make sure you bring their buggy and ensure they are securely strapped in.


5. Get there early

The earlier you get there the better spot you will find. This can mean you can set up a camp-type area which will save you having to wander around looking for a good spot – this is when kids get lost.


6. Invest in a good harness

If you know your little one won’t sit in their buggy for long periods of time, then you should invest in a harness that you can control so they can’t run away. Go for one that slips over their arms rather than just their wrist so it won't come off easily.


7. Take a photo of them before you leave the house

A precautionary measure, this way you’ll have a photo of what they are wearing that day – important if the worst should happen.


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