A worried family has captured a video of their toddler scaling a above-ground pool, leading to a close call. 


Keith Wyman told The New York Post that his family was in their back yard on Monday when his 2-year-old son, Cody, began to climb the supposedly 'child-proof' gate to get to the water. 


His mother grabbed him before he got into danger, but dad Keith videoed the event to share a warning with other parents. 



"So I bought this ladder with the pool," he says in the now-viral clip. "Now I'm watching my son, with it locked and shut, pull himself up this ladder."


In fairness to the kid- he's got impressive upper arm strength! On a more serious note, the Wymans said that the shop where they bought the ladder and gate offered them a replacement, but all the other gates had a similar design with slots that toddlers can easily grip.


Commenters thanked Wyman for raising awareness about pool safety, some sharing their own stories of water accidents. 



We can't always have eyes in the back of our heads but making sure your house/garden is toddler-proofed is extremely important.