Chocolate Recipes

Chocolate     Recipes
We have selected the best chocolate recipes to satisfy your chocolate cravings. They are tried and tested by our mummy recipe testers and they've given them the chocolate recipe thumbs up! 

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 Garlic herb and parmesan butter
Lemon curd
Asparagus cream pasta
Walnut pesto
Balsamic vinaigrette
Pasta with a mushroom sauce
BBQ sauce
Homemade guacamole
Mexican dip
Slow cook best Bolognese
Caramel cinnamon custard
Pistachio Pesto
Kale pesto
Hot and spicy chilli sauce
Basil pesto
Homemade tomato sauce
Red onion relish
Apple and mango chutney
Tangerine and cognac butter
Salted caramel sauce
Seasonal jelly, American style
Roasted garlic and tomato sauce
Rum or brandy butter
Tomato sauce
Basil pesto
Seasonal piccalilli
Honey and hazelnut crème fraîche
Traditional gravy
Roast chestnut puree
Lemon and lime avocado mayo