Prune brittle muffins

Chef: Sunsweet
Prep: 30 mins
Cook: 30 mins
Prune brittle muffins

For the praline:
60g Californian walnuts
40g sugar

For the dough:
80g prunes from California
250g low-fat yogurt (0.1% fat)
225g wheat flour, Type 550
2 heaped tsp baking powder
2 eggs (M)
60g sugar
1 package of vanilla sugar
1 pinch of salt

6 tbsp olive oil

In addition:

12 paper baking cups (muffin cups)
10 prunes
2 tsp honey (liquid)

Coarsely chop up the walnuts. Put sugar in a pan and caramelize to a golden yellow. Add walnuts and stir in while caramelizing. Put walnuts on a piece of parchment paper and allow it to cool. Remove 12 small pieces of walnuts for garnishing, and then finely chop up the rest.

Coarsely cut up the prunes. Then add it to a mixing bowl with yogurt and puree with a hand blender. Mix flour with baking powder. Beat the eggs with sugar, vanilla sugar, salt and olive oil in a second bowl. Stir in the yogurt-prune puree. Combine the batter with the flour mixture and walnut-pralines, and quickly mix everything together.

Put the paper baking cups in the muffin pan’s wells.  Add 1 tbsp of dough into paper baking cups. Cut 6 prunes in half. Put each half of the prunes in each muffin and spread the remaining batter over it. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 175° C (Gas: 2-3, Convection: 160° C) about 25 minutes.

After baking, brush the muffins with honey. Cut the remaining prunes into strips. Garnish with the remaining prunes and walnut pralines on top of the muffins.

12 muffins

Preparation Time
30 minutes

Cooking Time
30 minutes

Main ingredients
Flour, Fruit

Recipe Type
Snacks, Breakfast

Special Info

Level of Difficulty

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