Soups Recipes

MummyPages has delicious, warming, homemade soups which make a perfect family meal. From chicken noodle soup to roasted tomato and pepper soup, we have a soup to satisfy every craving!

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Oat and Raisin Cookies
Wicked chocolate mousse
Vanilla mug cake
Mini raspberry and chocolate trifles
Christmas bread and butter pudding
Lentil and vegetable lasagne
Spicy egg ham scramble
Roasted cod with parma ham and peppers
Turkey meatballs with vegetables
Lemon spiced chicken with chickpeas
Vegetarian quiche
Chicken curry for a large party
Tian of crab with avocado and red onion salsa
Oven fried chicken with a honey mustard glaze
Chestnut and sausage stuffing
Potato salad with tuna
Mexican rice
Potato and cheese tortilla
I cant believe you made that cake
Risotto of spring vegetables
Sausage roll loaf
Chicken sweetcorn pie
Sweet potato chilli with beef
New potatoes with rosemary
Bloomin easy vanilla cheesecake
Mixed Veggies in Coconut Milk
Mincemeat cupcakes and brandy butter cream
Chocolate biscuit cake
Kai Yad Sai (alternative savoury pancake)
Perfect Monday night rice