Strictly star James Jordan shares insight into ‘brave’ daughter Ella’s health

James Jordan has shared an update on his daughter Ella’s health. 

The former Strictly Come Dancing star shares three-year-old Ella with his wife Ola, another former Strictly professional. 

The couple’s daughter has faced some difficulty with her health in recent times and has been in hospital on multiple occasions, including in December, when she was diagnosed with a chest infection and tonsillitis. 


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Now, Jordan has revealed his and Ola’s little girl is unwell once again, and is suffering from a double ear infection, as well as a cough. 

Sharing an insight into how Ella’s health is now, the 45-year-old has admitted that he and his wife are ‘stressed’ due to their daughter’s condition. 

While opening up to his 263K Instagram followers on his Stories Jordan posted a photo of Ella laying down on a couch while Ola is holding her hand.

He began, “Our poor little girl is so sick again and can’t get to the bottom of it”.

“She’s had high temperature for 7 days now and not going away. Her cough is getting worse again and has ear infection in both ears- poor thing”.

He went on to admit, “And I can’t even tell you how stressed myself and Ola are. It’s actually beginning to really get us down- the worry”.

“And Ella is so fed up (but so bloody brave)”, the dancer added. 

Back in December, James shared an insight into his daughter’s experience in hospital, revealing that the tot was originally told she had a viral infection. She was then seen again and diagnosed with a chest infection and tonsillitis. 

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On social media, he explained, “Things got pretty bad and temperature was 40+ so took her to A and E at roughly midnight. Where a doctor gave her a quick look over and said it was a viral infection and told us to continue with Calpol/Ibrofen and take her home and it would take its course”.

“After 2 more terrible nights of her temperature staying around 39 - 40… we decided to take her back to A and E”.

“What a totally different experience - we were met by caring and fun nurses who were 100% attentive and by a doctor that was so thorough and taking nothing to chance”.

After an x-ray and blood tests, “The results came back as her having a chest infection and tonsillitis”.