Whether you are going for a walk, they're playing in the garden or getting into the car, it is important your toddler knows how to be safe when near a road. And while they are not likely to be out and about without a grown-up, your tot can very easily run out in front of a car, even if you’re present.


It’s not just young kids you need to be careful about though, kids under the age of nine don’t have adequate peripheral vision or judgement capabilities to cross the road safely.


Here are six things to teach your tot about being safe near a road:  


1. To hold a grown up’s hand while crossing the road

Teach your toddler to always hold a grown-up’s hand when crossing the road. They won’t be able to understand the dangers involved and their small size makes it hard for drivers to see them.


2. To think before you cross

Your toddler will copy everything you do so make sure you wait for the pedestrian lights to go green before crossing, and remember to look left and right. Avoid running across the road when in your tot’s presence as they will think that this is acceptable.


3. Talk about potential hazards

When you’re out and about, talk about potential hazards with your little one as you see them. For example, when walking past a driveway, point out that the driver can’t see them and that it can be dangerous. Ask them what they think is dangerous so that you know where you need to reinforce the message.



4. Play games to teach them about road safety

There are so many games that you can play with your little one that will make learning the rules of the road enjoyable. From red light, green light to driveway surprise there are so many fun ways to teach them about road safety.


5. Tell them to never go anywhere without telling you

It is important you tell your child to never go anywhere without your instance. If they are in the playground for instance, and they decide they want to move on, make sure they know to come and tell you.


6. Stop, look and listen

It is important that your child knows that if you shout “Stop” they need to do so immediately. This is something that is of upmost importance, along with telling them to look and listen.