Many of us mums would never set foot outside the home without popping a bottle of hand sanitiser into our handbag for fear the kids touch something dirty.


And while it is a great way to keep little tots clean and safe from germs, it is important you are careful when using the anti-bacterial gel as it can be dangerous.


1. It can cause alcohol poisoning

There have been a number of cases reported of children ingesting the gel which contains at least 60% alcohol, glycerin, potassium sorbate and carbomer among others. Toddlers are prone to putting things in their mouth and if they find the bottle in your bag there is a risk of alcohol poisoning if even a small amount is ingested.  


2. They can create allergies

It has been found that overuse of these gels are linked to allergies. The alcohol gel protects your child from various bacteria and germs, and while good to prevent sickness, overuse can cause the immune system to react to anything that may seem like a threat.  



3. Can affect their immunity

Studies have shown that a child’s immunity can be affected by the overuse of hand sanitisers. Long term use, particularly in the early years, means that the child’s immunity is lower and their body is in constant fighting mode creating a weaker immune system when older.


4. Can damage skin

While you can get a hand gel with moisturing properties, most can be harsh on the skin and can cause them to feel rougher than normal.  


Your toddler should learn to properly wash their hands with soap and water from a young age, but, with this in mind, hand sanitizers can be handy when out and out if there are no washing facilities available.


How to use it on your toddler: 

Don’t apply it directly to your child’s hand, instead put a blob of it on your own and then rub it into theirs. Do allow it to dry before they are given food or toys to prevent them ingesting any.