If the idea of toilet training your little one sends you into a blind panic, we are with you!


It is no easy task, but there are some handy tips that can make the transition from nappies to toilets a WHOLE lot easier! 


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Early-education specialist Samantha Allen, founder of NYC Potty Training, recently spoke to US Weekly about her do's and don'ts for toilet training! 


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DON’T drag out the process.


“It’s much more effective to devote a couple days to concentrated potty-training rather than dragging out the process. Nobody wants to be wetting their pants for months.”


DO encourage independence.


“If you’re still feeding and dressing your child, how is he supposed to be able to take responsibility for using the potty himself? In order to be successful, he needs to more independent across the board.”


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DON’T ask!


“Posing it as a question gives her the option of saying no. Would you ask your kid, ‘Do you want to go to bed now?’ Instead, position it as, ‘It’s time to go!’”


DO completely abandon nappies.


“It sends a mixed message to tell a child that pee and poop is supposed to go in the toilet and then essentially dress her in a wearable toilet.”


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DON’T over-do it!


“Constant discussions about using the potty — or reading a million books to your kids about it — adds pressure and creates anxiety, making it more of a ‘thing’ than it needs to be.” 


DO stay calm.


“The goal is to be calm, confident and relaxed. If you get stressed, they will too. And never physically hold a kid down on the potty — why would they want to sit there again after that?”


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