As all mums to toddlers know, dance is major part of their lives, especially when a bit of rockin’ music comes on.


“Look at me mum, look at ME!” Cue bum shaking, jumping and a lot of air punching. And of course we're often encouraged (forced?) to throw in a few enthusiastic pirouettes of our own.


So who better to lead a dance routine than toddlers?


We cracked UP watching The Late Late Show with James Corden presenter, um, James Corden and actor and dancer Jenna Dewan-Tatum following toddlers' leads move-for-move to create a surprisingly impressive dance routine.



When one of the toddlers jumped, they jumped, if they ran around the room erratically, the two adults copied them exactly.


Toddlerography they’re calling it – and we think it’s brilliant!


Anyway, talking about it is one thing, you REALLY have to watch it for yourself!





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