Pillow fights couldn't possibly be dangerous, could they? Well, if it involves a dad and a toddler, it seems so! 


Just ask dad Gabriel Russ, who recently posted a rib-tickling video to YouTube, of a pillow stoush he shared with his little girl.


The cute little kid came sprinting towards her dad, armed with a big green cushion which she hurled at him. She landed not one, but two close range hits before scampering away...so Dad returned fire!


Gabriel tosses the cushion in the direction of his child who is now a few metres away, and low and behold he makes contact–and she’s on the floor, fast!



It’s clear the little tot is fine and has enjoyed every second of the action, laughing as her dad hurries over to pick her up.


The vid has only been online for three days and the number of views is already creeping up to the one million mark.


Now that’s what we call precision-perfect pillow fighting.


Dad, 1 – Cuter-than-cute-kid, 0.


You can watch the video below.



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