The parents of a 19-month-old baby boy are facing charges for failing to "provide the necessities of life" after their son died from meningitis.


According to CBC, David and Collet Stephan told police that young Ezekiel had been sick for weeks with a runny nose and fever. He also had difficulties with breathing.


But instead of taking him to hospital for treatment, the Canadian couple, who are members of the Mormon religion, tried to ease the boy's symptoms with homemade remedies such as maple syrup mixed with water and juice with frozen fruit.



They also tried a concoction of garlic, ginger root, and apple cider vinegar before their little boy suddenly stopped breathing.


Though they called an ambulance, Ezekiel died five days later.


The couple, who have three more children, shared their story on Facebook, and also revealed the legal troubles they're facing.


They claimed that pro-vaccination groups were singling them out for choosing not to vaccinate Ezekiel.



"The situation that Collet and I find ourselves in, is that there is an organization that is attempting to offer our family up on the sacrificial altar of the vaccine industry," David and Collet wrote.


"I ask that you join with us in taking a stand to preserve the liberties and inalienable rights that are naturally endowed upon us as children of the Divine Creator."


The legal case against them is already underway. 


On Monday, prosecutor Clayton Giles told jurors in the case that the couple had not intended to kill their son, but were clearly negligent in their care of him.


“I’m not saying they killed him, abused him, or ignored him — they loved him,” he said. “They didn’t take him to a doctor until it was too late — far too late.”




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