Christmas just wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t have a gloriously huge tree taking up most of the sitting room. But if you have the pleasure of having a little toddler running around this year, things are definitely going to be a little different. The tree is a source of fascination for young kids and adults alike but the difference between children and grown-ups is that while we know not to touch it or tug at it, kids don’t.


Avoid any mishaps or accidents by ensuring your Christmas tree is toddler-proof this festive season.


Put delicate items at the top

If you have special glass or ceramic ornaments that you dread anything happening to them make sure you put these ones up at the top. Your little one won’t be able to reach them up there if they do manage to get to the tree without your supervision.  


Put it in a room that is not frequently used  

If you are really worried, simply put the tree in a room in the house that isn’t frequently used and you can lock the door. While it won’t be as festive as other years, at least you will be able to relax knowing your youngster won’t be able to get anywhere near the tree when you aren’t around.


Put a fence around it

If you really don’t have anywhere else to put it and you simply can’t relax, a spare fireplace guard or a large play pen around the tree will ensure your little one can’t get anywhere near it.


Tuck any loose wires away

All wires need to be tucked away out of the sight of curious children and away from the middle of the floor where they can pose as a trip hazard.


Put bells on the tree

Bells on the bottom of the tree will immediately alert you when your little one is anywhere near the tree. As soon as they touch a branch the bell will start to jingle.


Skip the candy canes

Don’t put anything on your tree that is highly tempting, like colourful pieces of candy. This year, save yourself the hassle and money by skipping the candy canes.


Praise them for not touching the tree

It goes without saying that you need to praise your child for not touching the tree rather than simply giving out to them for tugging at it or messing with the decorations. Kids thrive off positive attention and praise.


Secure the tree to the wall

For extra safety, tie some strong twine around the top and middle of the tree and secure to something solid like a nail in the wall.