Twins escape from their cots... and have the best fun ever


Ever wondered what happens when you turn off the lights in your kids' room at bedtime? 


Well, if these twins are anything to go by, it's definitely not sleep. 



Dad Jonathan Balkin, from New York, posted a video of his two-year-old boys, Andrew and Ryan, having the absolute craic when they are actually meant to be asleep.


Climbing out of their cribs, they head over to the couch and have a sit down - maybe planning their next move? 



They then pile every pillow they can find, have a blast climbing over them... until Dad walks in and puts them away. 



But that certainly doesn't put a dampner on their fun, and they hop out of bed when his back is turned - this time moving their cushion pile to the other side of the room. 


However, things start to get a little out of hand - as they do when toddlers are let alone - and one ends up jumping on the other... cue Mum and Dad coming in - together - this time. . 



After being put back to bed for a second time, they hop out for one last chat on the couch, before climbing back into their cribs and having a nap. 


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