On a daily basis, we’re both shocked and horrified by how crafty our little ones can be.


From finding hidden treats to understanding the code mum and dad try to use, they are a lot more aware of what’s going on than we often give them credit for.


And this video is proof of just that.



Two-year-old Michaela Dudson has been dubbed ‘Houdini’ after she managed to escape from behind her baby gate.


Mum Jennie says that her daughter has a knack for finding her way out of all sorts of situations and even shouts ‘ta-da!’ when successful.



Worryingly at just 15 months, Michaela was found to have climbed out of her cot to get to her favourite toy.


Mum and dad have now been forced to increase security around the young escape artist, telling the Manchester Evening News:


“It’s like the real-life Mission Impossible, I feel like I should offer her skills out to bank thieves who could pay her in jelly beans.”