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What games can I play with kids while in the car?

Bored back seat passengers can definitely derail a road trip. To avoid this, you could try playing car games with your kids. There are various car games that you can try such as find a spy, counting crows, rainbow game, I’m thinking of an animal, silly sound game, tall tales or rock paper scissors. But for kids aged two to four, they may surely enjoy a game known as Name that Tune.

This game can be played by two or more participants. The mum or the dad can be the host, but you have to make sure that you have enough patience and that you know various tunes that your kids know. You may think of a song, any song as long as your kids are familiar with it, and then you can start singing or humming it out to them. The first person who can guess the title of the tune wins the round. You can also play this game in varieties. You can start in one note, two notes and so on until someone's able to guess the right title.

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