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What kinds of gifts are good for a 3 year old?

A three year old toddler will love any gift that allows them to use their imagination.

Here are some great suggestions:

Creativity is flowing at this stage. A box of art supplies that are recommended for three year olds is a perfect gift. Add watercolours, crayons, colouring books, construction paper, stickers, glitter pens, finger paints, and glue sticks.

Pretending is probably the most favoured activity for a three year old. There are many play sets available that allow a toddler to pretend, such as a farm house with animals and the farmer who drives the tractor. Another great gift that will unleash a toddler’s imagination is dress up clothes. A little girl can become a princess and a little boy can become a fireman.

All toddlers love to build things. A construction set that consists of wooden blocks of all shapes and sizes is a great gift. Some sets are made of plastic and interlock which is good for this age as a three year old is beginning to master more complicated hand movements such as putting pieces together.

Books are always a welcomed gift. What child doesn’t like to be read to? And, books allow your child to discover the world outside of his own surroundings.

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