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Your Toddler Month 18

In her eighteenth month of life, your toddler is achieving milestones on a daily basis. Physically, your toddler is extremely active and it's often hard to keep up with her. Toddler manners and good behaviour will put you to the test this month especially at play time as your little one learns how to socialise with another toddler.

Your Child’s Development

Your Child’s Development
Eighteen months of age is a time of great achievement for your little one. She is most likely still climbing and jumping and may even be able to throw a ball and make an effort at kicking it too. You will probably notice that she achieves a new physical feat almost every day.
Social and emotional changes are taking place this month, as your toddler deals with all the natural frustrations of being 18 months old with limited speech and communication skills. This can mean that playtime ends up in tears as your toddler has acted out and tried to grab, smack or bite her toddler pal. This is normal behaviour, but must be kept in check. Outline the rules before and during playtime, ensuring that your little one understands the no grabbing, smacking or biting rule. If your child misbehaves, step in immediately to stop the behaviour, and explain to her that it is not OK to do this. Comfort the other child and explain to your little one what she has done. Move on quickly, and change the subject with a distracting toy or treat. 
If your child is the opposite and remains quiet and doesn't get involved with other toddlers, this is also normal behaviour, but still requires your support and patience. Your child may just like to take some time before she gets involved, but invariably will, just at her pace. Your comfort and encouragement will help in these situations.
In either situation, don’t forget to praise and reward good behaviour, ultimately, your child thrives on your approval and when you laugh with her or tell her what a good job he is doing, he will repeat the action that got the response. This is why positive reinforcement works.



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