As soon as you become a mum, you are bound to start saying a few things that you never would have dreamed of before your baby arrived - things that your own mother would have said. This happens even more when your baby grows into a toddler and they develop their own little personalities. 


If you have the absolute pleasure of a little toddler running around your home, you will no doubt utter at least one of these things every day. Don't be surprised if more than one sound familiar, we completely understand. 


“Take that bowl off your head”

It does make quite a nice looking hat though, we have to admit.


“No, we don’t put the spoon up our nose”

Why they want it up there leaves us scratching our heads.


“Let’s play sleep time”

Because Mummy is really tired.


“No, we don’t eat dirt”

It doesn’t even look appetising; why anyone would want to put it in their mouth is beyond us.


“The park is closing”

Even though it’s only like 3pm.  


“Be careful”

A toddler with no fear is usually followed by a stressed mother.  


“Don’t put your head through that”

Curious toddlers have a knack of putting their head through railings that they can’t get out of.


“Say bye-bye to the ducky”

It just has to be done otherwise they won't want to leave. 


“Pull your pants up”

Kids just seem to have an aversion to keeping their clothes on - 'naked day' is every day at our house.


“Get up off the floor”

Usually said in the middle of a supermarket aisle during a busy Saturday morning.


“I’m going to count to five and you better do what I say”

And you better do it by the time I reach four because I haven’t really thought this threat through.


 “He/she is going through a phase”

Dealing with an unruly youngster is definitely tough but sure they’re only going through a phase, aren’t they?