Toilet training is definitely one of those things that mums either love or hate! 


A necessary part of motherhood, you'll find yourself saying and doing things that your pre-baby days would never have believed possible. 


If your little one is almost ready or you're about to start, you should probably prepare yourself for the following eight things: 


1. The toilet roll WILL end up unravelled and all over the bathroom floor

You’ll meticulously roll it back up again the first time; the second and subsequent times will just be a case of whatever is quickest.


2. You’ll find wee in unlikely places

NOW you know why your little one was hiding behind the couch for so long...


3. You’ll find yourself saying certain words that you NEVER thought you’d utter in public

“Do you need to do a big poo?”


4. Your washing machine will CONSTANTLY be on the go

Toilet training = wee everywhere.


5. You’ll send a good portion of the week unblocking the toilet

And, no, it’s not just because they put too much tissue in the bowl!



6. You will literally squeal with delight the first time they make it to the toilet on time

No matter how many times you sniggered at posts other mums posted on Facebook...


7. You’ll say “poo”, “wee”, “bum”, “willy” way too many times

Way too many!


8. You’ll purchase ANY gadget to make it easier

Potty with attached iPad, anyone?