Here are some tips on how you can help with your child’s speech and language development. You can see examples of these ideas and more ways to help your child in the below practical video. This video will give a clear idea of what you can do at home. It shows that learning language shouldn’t be a chore; you can have some fun and games too.
Be sure to make good eye contact and get face to face with your child. You can develop a foundation for good communication skills.
  1. Turn off the TV! It is harder for children to tune out from background noise and concentrate on what you are saying. We’re not saying don’t watch any TV; just try to limit it especially when talking with your child.
  2. Try not to use a soother after the first year. It makes it more difficult for children to talk and can have a negative effect on speech sound development.
  3. Follow your child’s lead. If they are interested in something, talk about it and describe it.
  4. Remember to give choices – do you want the red one or the blue one?
  5. Don’t be afraid to repeat words and instructions several times with your child, they need to hear words many times before they can understand and use them. Try not to correct, instead model what you want to hear.
These tips and the below video is brought to you by SpeechMatters.