When your preschooler throws a tantrum in a public place, it can be embarrassing and upsetting. Remember, all children throw tantrums. They have no preference if it is at home or in the supermarket. You must deal with the tantrum in the same manner that you would at home.

The best way to avoid public tantrums is to make sure that your child is not tired or hungry. Keep snacks on hand and items to distract her when you notice her mood changing. Once you recognize that your child’s mood is changing, it’s best to leave the public place if possible or at least take your child outside until the tantrum is over. Remember to stay calm and talk to your child about how they are feeling. Acknowledging their feelings makes them feel better.
When the tantrum is over, your child needs hugs and reassurance. Being out of control can be scary for a preschooler. They may be having a hard time understanding why they have tantrums. Don’t worry that this attention will seem like you are giving in to your child. And it doesn’t mean that you should change the rules. It just means that you are a loving parent.