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How can I tell if my toddlers motor skills development is on track?

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Where it was once an achievement just for your baby to master the pincer grip, your toddler is probably surprising you every day with his or her nimble fingers! Building with blocks, playing with play dough and many other activities and games require a much higher level of fine motor ability, and are very important to your toddler’s development.

All of those precise, carefully co-ordinated little movements that your child is now mastering help to open doors to other physical and mental development. For instance, when your toddler is building with blocks, he or she is also learning reasoning, figuring out which blocks should go were.

To encourage fine motor skills development, the best thing you can do is let your toddler play.
Set aside a corner or room in your house that’s devoted to your toddler’s learning by play. Stock up on clay or play dough, buy crayons, paper and large beads to string, blocks and other small toys, and let your child practice whatever strikes his or her fancy.
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