So many articles give you advice about what you should be doing when you’re potty training, but very few tell you what you shouldn’t. Here are a few things to avoid when you start potty training your child.
Rushing things. If you try to start potty training before your child is ready, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Not only that, but it may even set back his or her progress, and make things take longer! Bear in mind that potty training can also take up to three or four months.
Choosing the wrong time. You want to choose a time when everything in your home is stable and you have a regular routine. Choosing a time that’s a week before your child starts a new school, or before you bring home your new baby, is a recipe for disaster!
Putting too much pressure on your child. The more you try to force your child to potty train, the more he or she is likely to rebel. Rather take it easy, and you should have better results.
Not putting enough pressure on your child. By the same token, expecting your preschooler to spontaneously decide to use the potty is unreasonable. Remember to remind your child that he or she can use the potty now, and making visits to the toilet, or use of the potty a regular event throughout the day, are important.
Punishing your child. If you start to punish your child for accidents, then you’re associating potty training with a negative experience. Once that happens, your child will no longer want to be involved. Celebrate and reward successes, but take mishaps in your stride, and don’t punish your child for them.