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What is good music for labour?

There are a variety of techniques used to help relax women in labour and one of them is bringing along music for the birth. Generally, it is recommended to bring something light like classical music or lullabies. While this music is certainly relaxation, not every sound works for every woman. It might make more sense to have a mother in childbirth selection music that soothes them, instead of seeking only a relaxing melody.

If you prefer R&B and soul tracks, it makes no sense to convince yourself that Bach will do the trick for you during labour. If you are religious, some inspirational gospel tracks may help you remember the wonder of birth. Consider taking a couple of different kinds of music as some moments you may seek something soothing and others look for a distraction.

Whichever music appeals to you and can help you focus on something other than your contractions is the music you should take with you. Making a list of your favorite tracks and putting together a few reliable playlists should be added to your list of birth preparations. If you are afraid your musical choices will be inappropriate or distracting in the birthing room, simply use an MP3 player and some earplugs.
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