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Who will be the hospital delivery staff during labour?

With the chaos of delivery, you may find yourself surrounded by strangers. Without doing an interview of everyone entering the birthing room, how do you know who the hospital staff are in your room and what their purpose is? Doing a bit of research beforehand might help you to better understand the birthing environment when the big day arrives.

First, you will be admitted and prepped by a labour and delivery nurse. This L&D nurse will be your main point of contact for questions, concerns and needs. They will be in charge of monitoring you as you progress, checking how dilated you are, and notifying other staff members when they are needed. L&D nurses tend to work long shifts but your delivery is probably not going to be short and sweet. So, it is possible you will change your L&D nurse during the delivery.

Other hospital staff members include your doctor, once you are far enough along, your anaesthesiologist for pain medication, and OB tech to assist the doctor, and your baby will be assigned a nurse when they are born. It is possible that you may need a specialist or that there will be students observing your delivery, although you will be asked about these beforehand.
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