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Should I tour the maternity ward?

Not every new mother takes the tour of the maternity ward of the hospital she plans to deliver at. However, this is a vital part of the pregnancy process and goes far in helping to prepare both parents for what is in store for childbirth. Many hospitals offer maternity wards tours, often incorporated into their childbirth classes. The tours are free and both parents are welcome to attend. Often you need to register beforehand so you will need to contact your hospital of choice and get signed up for the tour.

Why should you do the tour? First, the tour is an excellent opportunity to ask all the questions you’ve had about the birthing process. Plus, you will see firsthand which route to take and what to expect. You will get to see the birthing room which will give you an idea about room layout. Also, as a mum you often won’t see much but the view from the bed – so getting a look at the maternity floor layout beforehand might be a good idea.

Not all hospitals are the same and some are better equipped for childbirth than others. Doing a maternity ward tour may show you that your hospital of choice is not all you imagined it to be. Do not be afraid to tour a few different hospitals in your search for the right one. Pay attention to things like cleanliness, updated technology and equipment, nursery hours, and hospital policies. All of these will change from ward to ward.
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