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What sort of questions should I have for the maternity ward tour?

Touring the maternity ward of the hospital you plan to deliver in can be so interesting and exciting that you may go home with tons of questions you forgot to ask. So, it is best to prepare a list beforehand so that you get all of your questions answered during the tour. For a first time mum, what are some of the questions you should ask?

Here are some things to think about:

Is there adequate parking? Where should we park on delivery day?
What entrance do we use? Is there a different after hours entrance?
What is the check in procedure? What should we bring for check in?
Is it possible to preregister for check in?
How many people are we allowed in the delivery room?
What type of security measures are there for the maternity floor?
How should I identify hospital staff that are cleared to take the baby?
Where is the nursery? What are the nursery hours?
What are visiting hours? Is the father able to visit at any time? Can we stay the night?
Are cell phones allowed?
What is the process for ordering meals? Are any free meals available for the father?
What should I pack in my hospital bag?
What are hospital policies regarding bottle feeding, pacifiers and sugar water?
What type of nursing training and support is available at the hospital?
What are the policies regarding my other children?
Which of the alternative birth methods allowed?
What are the hospitals rates for c-sections and epidurals?
Are there private rooms available?
What will I need for check out?
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