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Your Preschooler Month 34

As your child approaches her third birthday, you’re most likely wondering where the time has gone. It seems that just yesterday she was swaddled in your arms and dependent on you for her every need. And, although she still depends on your for most of her needs, you see her independence developing more every day. It can be a very melancholy time for a parent.

Your Child’s Development

As you look at your toddler in amazement and wonder what where your little baby has gone, it may be a good time to reminisce. You can also use this opportunity to teach your child about herself and create some new memories. 
All children are fascinated to learn about themselves and the past. Hearing the story of when they were born or all about their first birthday makes a child feel special and important. A good way to teach your child about her past and to create a special new memory for you is to start a memory box with your child. 
Gather up photographs, objects from her infancy, cards, clothing you have saved, and any other special items that will help you tell the story of your child. Then, simply sit and go through the items with your child explaining every detail you can remember. Tell her about the day she was born; what you were doing that day, whether it was cold or hot outside, even what colour the room at the hospital was. Your child loves the details. As you look at photographs and other memorable items, you can have your child help you mount them in a scrap book. 
Make this special memory time a monthly activity with your child. Each month, you can save an item to add to the box such as a picture she colours or her favourite sticker. Each time you bring the memory box out, your child will probably want to hear the stories about other items in the box again. And, even though it may feel like you are telling the same stories each time, remember that your child loves to hear stories about her past again and again. 
Another great way to create special memories with your child is to get in the kitchen together. Toddlers love to make a mess, and making a mess in the kitchen is the ultimate activity for a toddler: she usually doesn’t get to touch many things in the kitchen, so this is certainly special to her. You can bake and decorate biscuits for special occasions, cupcakes for Sunday afternoon, decorate a cake for a special event, or just make something for no reason at all. The point is to have fun and allow your child to create.  Letting her get her hands in the flour and butter and create a delicious treat is a memory that you and your child will carry forever.



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