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Are there activities that will help my child become aware of his body?

Just about every parent has a tracing of their child’s hand or foot from one point in their childhood. This activity is especially good for your toddler as it teaches them what they can do with their hands, feet and other parts of their body. Additionally, such activities enhance their coordination and help develop creativity.

•    Use finger paints to create foot prints. This is obviously an activity that is best if it’s outside.
Place a large piece of paper on the ground.
Put finger paints it two flat trays or plates. Make sure to use plastic plates and not glass.
Have your child dip one foot in one colour and the other foot in the second colour.
Now, have him walk all over the paper. When he runs out of paint, start over again.
He will delight is seeing that he was able to make foot prints all by himself!

•    Get some moulding clay (the kind that will harden).
Flatten the clay into a pancake shape that is larger than your child’s hand and about 1 to 2 centimetres thick.
Place your child’s hand, palm down on the clay and have them be still while you trace around their hand.
Then use a kitchen utensil to cut out the shape of his hand from the clay. (Don’t let your toddler help you with this part.)
Leave the clay out in the sun or on a sunny window sill to dry.
Your toddler will love having a hand that is just like theirs and they will feel a great sense of accomplishment to have made such a wonderful piece of artwork!

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