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Are there any games that I can use to help my toddler get ready to read?

Playing games that enhance your toddler’s cognitive thinking skills are a great way to get your child ready to read.

Sequencing skills are required to begin to read. A child must be able to put thing where they belong. Even learning the ABC’s requires sequencing skills.

Here is a game that is fun and highly educational.

Search for a set of four photos that are all from one event that your child will remember, such as a birthday party. Make sure the photos show something that happened at the beginning, middle and end of the event.

On a large sheet of white paper draw a row of four squares a bit bigger than the photos.

Label the squares 1 through 4.

Start off by talking about the event. Remind your child what happened. For example, “We played games, then we ate cake, then we opened presents, and finally we went home.”

Spread out the photos and ask your child to pick out what happened first.

When your child selects the correct photo, place it in the square with the number one, telling him that this is a number one because it is it first thing that happened.

Continue to do this with all the photos. You’ll want to provide lots of clues to remind your child as he is sequencing the photos.

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